The Batman is coming to Ethereum… and you could have bought it for $ 200,000!

A Bat-signal sent to Ethereum – Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are more fashionable than ever. This time, it wasn’t cute CryptoKitties-style cats that created the craze, but unique tokens of Batman designs.

The sales records of “art tokens” are linked

The tokens ERC-721 network Ethereum (ETH) used to issue digital tokens unique , non-fungible. A very interesting idea for art objects and collectibles in digital version.

This October 17, works of art inspired by pop culture were auctioned on MakersPlace , a marketplace specializing in NFTs.

This is a set of 5 works related to the comic book character, Batman , the famous Dark Knight . They were created by comic book artist José Delbo and by cryptosphere artist Trevor Jones .

The NFT tokens are linked to image files (NPG type) and to a short animated video linking several images of the vigilante of Gotham City. It is in fact this last work, called „Genesis“ , which won the biggest auction .

Over $ 200,000 for the batman

The 5 pieces in this lot sold for a tidy sum of 540.86 ethers in total, or approximately $ 205,000 . Genesis, meanwhile, saw several bidders fight to get it. It was sold, on its own, at a price of 302.5 ETH – almost $ 115,000 .

“ Finally, the character emerges and our hero comes to life, looking directly at the viewer (…). “

The winner of the auction for Genesis is an anonymous , whose Twitter handle is Maxstealth (@ MaxStealth5).

Since his first appearance in 1939 , the character of Batman therefore seems to always attract, including now on blockchain.

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