Tone Vays under fire after a mix-up caused by a tweet of his

The Crypto-influencer, Tone Vays, has been criticized by the crypto sphere of Twitter, after a mix-up over a tweet that seemed to show him ‚laughing‘ at the suicide of a 20-year-old Robinhood trader.

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On June 17, the Bitcoin Billionaire trader behind The Financial Summit, responded to a video of the „this is business“ meme posted by Twitter user Cryptanzee, where he taunted him for charging $3,000 for his course of trading options.

He sent the following tweet in response:

Vays linked a Forbes article about Alexander Kearns, a 20-year-old client of the Robinhood stock and crypto trading platform, who committed suicide on June 12 after seeing a negative balance of more than $730,000 in his account.

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Victim of the score?
While Vays referred to the meme „this is business“ when he said he „laughed about it,“ the end of the sentence made it seem like he was referring to Forbes‘ article on suicide.

The screenshots of the offending tweet went viral throughout the cryptic sphere of Twitter and Reddit users quickly reported the Bitcoin Trader (BTC) for taunting a suicide victim.

Vays deleted his original response and published this response with the same Forbes article:

„While the meme made me laugh at the time, unfortunate situations like this are why people need to take time to educate themselves before they trade.“

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Excuse me
Cointelegraph contacted Vays and issued a public apology. „I sincerely apologise for the tweet – it was a mistake on my part to send it,“ said Vays.

„I have created many enemies in this space who will continue to use (the screenshot of the tweet) to demonize me until the end of time, but those who really know me know that I did not mean what is being promoted. Since I became a public figure in 2014, I have done my best to educate people about the risks and dangers of trade while teaching them how to do it safely to avoid these kinds of tragic stories.

However, some social network users who acknowledged that their original response was not intended to mock Kearns, objected to Vays citing the story to promote his course in options trading.

„I agree that’s probably what he meant, but using the suicide of a kid who didn’t understand options is still a bullshit defense for charging $3,000 for his course,“ said Twitter user CrazyBlade.

Market analyst Mati Greenspan, who is a friend of Vays, called his response to the story „less than sensitive“ in his newsletter today.

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